November colours

November is the beginning of the Celtic year which ends on 31st October which is the old festival of Samhain when we remember those that we love who have died. This festival has been hijacked by commercialism and has become an occasion when children get dressed up as witches and ghouls and knock on doors… Continue reading November colours

A lovely song in honour of lost words

Beautiful song from Lost Words June 7, 2019leaparttherapyEdit “Beautiful song from Lost Words” Bluebell from The Lost Words by You Are Wolf I had to share this wonderful song with illustrations by Jacki Morris.  The album was made to compliment a wonderful book by nature writer Robert Mac Farlane, who discovered when looking at a recent Oxford… Continue reading A lovely song in honour of lost words


creative workshops for self exploration I am running a series of workshops for adults at Naomhluan Play therapy, North Street, Skibbereen, beginning on Tuesday 11th June. 10am – 12pm. The workshops are facilitated by me using my community arts and art therapy background along with experience of how positive artistic exploration can help us Thrive… Continue reading Thrive

Monday morning Blues

Starting this image I had no idea what would emerge. I often doodle faces and figures, but this one felt sad and as she took form I realised that I was feeling blue or quite low and that was because I was in pain. Using the art materials put me in touch with my feelings,… Continue reading Monday morning Blues

Reflections and transformation

“Storytellers ought not to be too tame. They ought to be wild creatures who function adequately in society. They are best in disguise. If they lose all their wildness, they cannot  give us the truest joys.” – Ben Okri I have just spent the most incredible and transformational weekend in an ancient and magical place on the… Continue reading Reflections and transformation

The value of play therapy with children who have been traumatised.

I just watched this video of a Ted talk about play therapy with traumatised children.  Although I am not a trained play therapist, I use toys and the essence of play in my art therapy practice with all children, adolescents, and adults.  I see play as the key to allowing ourselves to relax and be in… Continue reading The value of play therapy with children who have been traumatised.

The use of photographs in art therapy

Photographs can be used in therapy in many ways and there is a very good website dedicated to phototherapy which includes articles and examples of the work that photo-therapist’s engage in. I have found that using photographs in art therapy groups provides an enjoyable way of sharing ideas related to our choice… Continue reading The use of photographs in art therapy