Covid 19 Safeguarding Policy

I am currently advising working online to ensure safety. Although it is different to face to face art therapy, online art therapy is beneficial with positive therapeutic relationships and outcomes. Please email me for information.

CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) Safeguarding Policy

It is important that this therapy space feels safe for you/your child.  We will work together to ensure the safest possible service and to minimise the risk of Coronavirus in our community

Within the art therapy room all used surfaces and art materials will be disinfected after each session. 

Art making will happen at a 2metre distance between your child and me.

You/your child will have their own box where I will store the artwork, and materials that they want to continue to use in the next session.

We will sanitise our hands at the beginning and end of sessions.

I will open and close the art room door and keep the room ventilated and aired betweeen sessions.

Gloves and masks are available on request for both your child or me if that is your preference.

I also recommend that we follow these simple steps:

            Cover our mouth and nose with a sleeve or tissue when we cough or sneeze.

            If we use tissues put them in the bin and wash hands.

            Wash hands properly and often.

Avoid touching our face if we are not sure our hands are clean.

Avoid close contact with anyone showing flu/upper respiratory like symptoms.

Should you need to cancel your/your child’s session for one of the following reasons, you can do so with out the usual prior notice charges.

If you/your child or immediate family think you have been in contact with anyone who has or may have the virus.

If you/your child or anyone in your immediate family has any of the following symptoms: fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, fatigue.

If you wish to access more information regarding current precautionary steps, or what to do in case of suspected infection, please use the link and phone number.,html

HSELive: 1850241850

If you or your child have concerns in relation to the virus, the therapy space is a good place to share and ground this anxiety.  We can review these points with your child in an age appropriate way during our first meeting and as needed.


Marika O’Sullivan Art Therapist

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