About my practice

Due to Covid restrictions I am offering online art therapy sessions on Zoom whenever this is possible.  However, if face to face sessions are necessary they can be facilitated either in the workroom or outside in nature.

I provide art therapy sessions for children, teenagers, and adults offering individual and family support as art therapy helps people of all ages come to terms with, or resolve a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Individual art therapy sessions can help people come to terms with and overcome difficulties and challenges such as bereavement, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, medical diagnosis, and other emotional or physical problems or behaviours that interfere with a happy life. What transpires in sessions is confidential.

Please use the contact page if you would like more information about art therapy and my practice, or to book a free 15 minute, introductory session by phone or online.

I also facilitate women’s expressive art groups with an emphasis on health and wellbeing, personal growth and shared enjoyment and reflection, these groups are currently online.