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The good news is that art therapy has potential to resolve issues stemming from insecure attachment. The following is taken from an article by Cathy Malchiodi.

 Courtesy of Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

“Safety is the Foundation”Source: Courtesy of Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

4. Expressive arts therapy is used to establish and support a sense of safety, positive attachment, and prosocial relationships. Reconnecting with a sense of safety is central to trauma-informed practice. In particular, expressive arts approaches are used to help individuals recover a sense of well-being internally and in relationships with others. This also includes providing various opportunities for the individual to engage in creative experimentation that integrates experiences of unconditional appreciation, guidance, and support, experiences found in families with secure attachment relationships. When applied as group interventions, expressive arts support prosocial interactions and connect individuals through community.

This article from the Guardian is several years old, but is still relevant as schools here in Ireland are beginning to see the value of Art Therapy to pupils who are having difficulty in school and at home.

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