About me

I am an artist, expressive art therapist and homeopath with over 20 years experience working holistically with people of all ages.

I have a special interest in child and adolescent trauma, and the knock-on family effects. Art therapy can be an effective and non threatening way to resolve many difficulties and offers insight and communication when there have been family breakdowns.

I am passionate about this work as over again I have seen the value of using creative art therapy in helping people overcome a myriad of problems.

Encountering difficulties in my own life, I found that creativity really helped me to make sense of my feelings, and gave me a renewed desire for a fulfilling life. When I experienced the therapeutic value of being supported by a trained art therapist, it gave me deep personal insight which inspired me to study and become an accredited art therapist. Now I use my training, skills and personal understanding to help others in a compassionate and caring way.

“It was not until I started to experiment with spontaneous painting that I was first able to gain access to the undistorted reality of my childhood”. Alice Miller (1987)

“It is difficult to convey in words the depth and power of the creative arts process. Really, you must taste it to understand it”.  Natalie Rogers Phd