Group workshops/courses

THRIVE courses consist of 7 workshops and focuses on creative connection and positive relationships in the community. The workshops are held outside in the beautiful nature reserve at An Sanctoir, other special sites, and online.

No previous experience necessary – this experiential course will help you find and re-awaken your creative spark with art practices that combine different disciplines and media with careful guidance in a therapeutic space to promote personal growth.

You will rediscover how natural it is to create, and how words, sound, music and attuning to our senses in nature can fill you with inspiration. We will use mindful techniques to focus on our inner self and then with creative writing and storytelling, will dialogue with the materials and artwork to gain meaningful insight into the context of our life.

During the Thrive journey you will experience how art can help to transform areas in our lives where we may feel stuck, or cope with challenges that make life difficult. You will be able to look at your life through a new lens, and find opportunities for positive change and improved health through self expression and creativity. my practiceSearch for:



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