Creative Workshop at An Sanctoir in Ballydehob to celebrate Samhain – Sunday 31st October 2021. At this special time when we honour and remember those who went before us, this workshop is a creative exploration into our personal and symbolic archetypes that we wish to embody, and bring with us over the Threshold and into… Continue reading Threshold

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Visual Journaling

This article is taken from Part One: Visual Journaling, Self-Regulation and Stress Reduction An art therapy perspective of visual journaling and its benefits. Published on October 23,2013 by Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT in Arts and Health @ Psychology Today Visual journaling [aka art journaling] is a practice that has along history among artists. The… Continue reading Visual Journaling

New Thrive workshop series

Beginning Wednesday 18th May in Myross Wood House, Leap, Co Cork Really looking forward to the next Thrive workshops in the lovely and tranquil setting of Myross Wood House and woodland. This is a self development series of workshops for creative connection. It will be a small group facilitated by my self in a sensitive… Continue reading New Thrive workshop series

Sensitive people

Reading Emma Cammeron’s blog I was fascinated to discover a section about Highly Sensitive People. (HSP’s)  “I have noticed that many of the young people whom I work with tell me of their sensitivities and how school can be overwhelming, or the noises that their younger brother make are unbearable, these people also tell me… Continue reading Sensitive people

Leora Sotto – masks

I was lucky enough to partake in the morning of an online mask making workshop given by Leora Sotto an Israeli artist, art therapist and teacher and organised by NIGAT. Her description of her process was fascinating, with wisdom, insight, and an open, engaging way of presenting that was relaxing and inspiring. Leora was open… Continue reading Leora Sotto – masks

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

As I continue my work in the community, and my studies which are currently related to trauma and its link to addictive or difficult behaviours I learn more about the benefits and positive transformations that manifest during art therapy sessions. I have always understood that talking about the traumatic event was not enough to help… Continue reading What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

The power of Imagination

I have been holding online art therapy sessions and group workshops since March, and am inspired by the creative work of the participants. Although we have been living in a very different reality to what we were used to, with some of the people that I Zoom relate with living in small bedsits – where… Continue reading The power of Imagination

Some lovely ideas to support yourself creatively.

5 Art Therapy Exercises to Add to Your Self-Care Routine Art is healing. By Anna Borges Creativity can be a wonderful way to support your mental health, and with everything going on in the world, it might be an especially healing and underrated mode of self-care right now. If the news cycle has you feeling stressed, hopeless,… Continue reading Some lovely ideas to support yourself creatively.