Nature for health and Wellbeing

I have been spending more time outside in nature as a conscious practice while focusing on the wonder of the natural world that we live in. It has been giving me precious moments as I reconnect with my surroundings paying attention to my senses and really slowing down.
The effects are revitalising and calming, and I notice how much being out in nature can regulate my emotions and enhance my health.

The experience has been enhanced by beautiful Guided Forest Therapy sessions in Glengarrif Woods and also by engaging in Eco Psychotherapy and Eco Art Therapy trainings over the last few years. I am working therapeutically outside in a lovely nature reserve in West Cork with those who like the idea, and it would suit.

Research shows that like Art Therapy, Nature or Eco Therapy allows us to process deep emotional transformation in a safe and regulated way leading to health and wellbeing.

By Art Therapy in Ballydehob, West Cork. Marika O'Sullivan

I am an art therapist based in Ballydehob West Cork. My background is in art and design, but I have also worked therapeutically with people for over 20 years. I also have many years experience of creative group facilitation and working in schools with art and design projects. I am currently Art Therapist in ARC,cancer support in West Cork and on the Cosceim panel working with young people in Direct Provision. Other experience includes working with adults of all ages, children and more specifically with adolescents and families who are having difficulties while at this transitional stage. Art Therapy allows creative solutions to difficult situation, the process builds resilience and improved coping skills, bringing joy and the potential to thrive creativity back into one's life.

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